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SWI-Prolog 7.3.4 Dev

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SWI-Prolog 7.3.4 Dev

SWI-Prolog Review:

 Prolog is a programming language that is heavily used by professionals in teaching and web-semantics. SWI-Prolog makes things easier and straightforward for users to utilize the rich set of libraries for constraint logic, unit testing, literate programming, multithreading on processes and many more tasks related to web administration and development. It comes with an integrated IDE with a simple GUI. It has been under continuous development since 1987 and comes with a vast forum of developers and supporters, but doesn't provide any guarantee on its usage, whatsoever.


 SWI-Prolog lists the cases where other software, either free or paid, can be a better choice that this one. It also gives the advantages of SWI over others.
 - The first catch is the user environment, based on a command line interface that offers autocompletion, history and tracer using single keystrokes. The system can automatically recompile only the modified parts using "make" which makes it fast and smooth. It also provides additional options for the GUI environment using plugins like PDT for Eclipse and GNU-Emacs. The application has a super fast engine that loads in just seconds on most machines.
 - It comes with a "source level debugger" that offers tree level choice point inspection. It shows the variable bindings, source code at that location so that you do not end up using large chunks of memory by performing debugging at many redundant choice points.

 Flexibility & Profiling

 These two options are also the user selling points, although it is a completely free to use, just a pun. 
 - Profiling is provided at execution time to give a textual or graphical output. Thus, you can improvise hotspots in your Prolog program to increase the speed of the execution.
 - In terms of flexibility, SWI-Prolog offers compatibility and conversion to other languages like C. It provides two way conversion, that is, Prolog calling C and C calling Prolog. It also allows ways to embed it in external code.
 - It also provides flexibility in terms of various interfaces that it supports like TCP/IP, ODBC, XML/HTML and much more.


 The current version is SWI-Prolog 7.3.4. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix. It also provides the source code at Github. It comes with absolutely no warranty and support, except that over millions of users help each other. The developers also help to fix bugs. There is a complete manual paper for reference. 

 This is one of the best and widely used software for Prolog.

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